TIME (Kaala)

(1) Mahaakaali(Ishwari -Goddess of Kaala-Time; or even goddess of inseparable Time-Space .) This is as per Hindu scripture.

Note:- Without Time and Space no one can imagine the existence of this

world. Knowledgeable people know that every individuals and entities of

whole creation are fundamentally consist of /made of as well sustained by

time, space and relativity; and Maa Mahakali is goddess of these. We can

compare the whole world as a big-unlimited canvas/screen that is made of

warp and woof (tana-vana####) of Time and Space; here we are seeing and

experiencing our objective/subjective Sansar-world on this canvas.

The speed of time (Kaala) is probably the fastest in the universe. The Devi is

the only great energy to boost the speed of time, so is called Maha-kali. Mahaakali is the essence of Time-continuum and its events. She swifts every

present moment into past; then, actuality and sequences of events and

objects are as if no-thing, void. They become long gone in deep darkness

or/and turn into ashes (Bhasma). At the end, She dissolves the whole

creation at the time of great -Pralaya-, finally repose all these into Herself.

All our pains and problem become over.

This is her great Kripa/ compassion to us, really.

Note:- TIME (Kaala) is great phenomena of nature.

The following are comparative view-points. It is good to study.

From :- Comparative Study

Time:- (KAALA)- Definition of Time from many view-points

(1) According to Jainism, it is a non-individual category (ajiva-dravya). It has no parts (anasti-kaaya), is beginning-less, and is immaterial. It is real and auxiliary cause of change. It is of two types; absolute time (dravya-kaal) and relative time (vyavahaara-kaala or samaya).

(2) According to Saankhya, The existence of any real time is denied. Saankhya considers time as the duration taken by an atom to traverse its own unit of space. Time has no existence separate from atoms and their movements.

(3) According to the Nyaaya and Vaishesika schools, time is an all-pervading, part-less substance, which exists by itself. It appears as many due to its association with changes, which are related to it.

(4) According to Vishistaadvaita Vedanta, time is an inert substance devoid of the three qualities (guna). It is essential and all-pervasive. It is divided into past, present and future. It is designated as simultaneous, immediate, long, the winking of an eye, etc. It is coordinate of prakriti and comprised in Brahman, and dependent thereon.

(5) According to Dvaita Vedanta, it is one of the substances (dravya). It always has a beginning and it is subject to destruction. It consists of ever flowing time units.

(6) According to the Shaiva schools, it is one of the fundamental categories (tattva).

(7) According to Advaita Vedanta, time is the relation between the real Absolute (Brahman) and the non-real appearance of name and form (maya). Thus time is phenomenal.

(8) According to Shaivism, it is the power that limits the universal condition of omnipotence; therefore, it is the cause of the limited agency of the individual soul.

Others:- The present moment is a space-time event within the eternal continuum. Since that continuum is me (I), nothing that can happen is outside myself; therefore, everything is acceptable as part of my larger identity. Just as every cell reflects the overall process of the body, each moment reflects all other moments, past, present, and future.

There are many questions and view points to keep in our mind in context of

* What is Time?

* Is Time relative or Absolute; or both ?

* Begins or ends; or beginning less or endless?

* What if some one goes faster than speed of Time? Will he find difference of effect historically in the world? Example: Suppose a man starts his journey in space faster than time and when he returns after one year as per his own time-watch, he will find an age passed away in our world. Many big cities like London & New York he finds in ruined state !

* Can we pause the speed of Time- like Lord Krishna made pause the Time during B. Gita Upadesh to Arjuna in Kuruxetra battle ground. And just after Gita-Updesh became over, original time situation begins. Only Bhagwan Vyasji witnessed this pause event, no outsider noticed. And then after war starts us usual..

* Can time go backward?

As per our daily experience, time goes forward à in a relative sense. Here cause of an event is usually first, and effect afterwards, yes within law of time and space. But referring to the other dimensions as two or more specific events in Hindu scripture, the world of Devas and spiritual world, we find there as effect comes first, then followed by cause later. Here time & events pointing backwards from our point of view !ß Or, such happens only with Daivik and Spiritual events where the time factor can be optional. It can be at either way, backwards or forwards horizontally or else within their own law. Example:

(1) At time of Lord Shiva-Parvati Vivah they prayed and did puja of (their son) Ganeshaji for all SHUBHAM (2) During Vishvarup Darshana in Gita many well known worriers already gone dead before war, in mouth of Vishva Rup Lord; but Arjun killed them with arrows afterwards! This is like a man died/killed first by gun and bullets reached later in his chest.

* We find Time in dream-state works different way, very peculiar!

In our dream state, there is possibility to bringing the whole universe into the very tiny space of our brain. Such vision is subjectively inward within one self. It is called dream (we say unreal), but no one can deny its actual experience of events at that very point of time. It starts or expands from unknown minute point and make us experience of many years and big space. Even events goes forward and backward also !!!!

Upon awaking previous time/space/events becomes gone-blank-to nothingness. But, we do not say unreal, at list there and then within the

dream state. This is every one’s experience. Please note for out come of any event in dream state there require also its own time-space system.

* And in deep sleep or in unconscious state, what happen to time & space?

* Is there happens pause of Time -Space?

* And what is PRESENT –NOW Vartamaana ?

Here Mahatmas say forget the past, “be-here & now” the gate way to the Absolute Time that is Eternal Now- called SELF –ATMA.

And rest are all-momentary. …In Yogavashistha, Guru Vashistha says this world of relativity is “large/big dream” (Dirgha Swapna) till a person left one’s own body.

* When human mind stops to go deep and unable to comprehend, scripture explains here to surrender Maha Maya, one of the names of Mahadevi. So, we surrender and leave it to Maa Mahakali the goddess of Time & space.

* Here Bhaktas worship.

* Oh! Devi, you are the measure and you measure. You are beyond measure and measurer. You are one in many forms. You are the *form of the universe. I bow to you –Sri Maataa.”

From:- Kaulavali Tantra.

In Sanskrit, word “Maa” -means (1) Mother (2) to measure, gage, and scale and “Maataa”, “Maatra” &“Maatre” also same meaning.

(Note:- Measuring take place within time and space. Mahakali is goddess and supreme controller of time and space. We human never be able to measure fully for we are within the hold of relativity. Kali is beyond time and space . Therefore the Devi is the only true measure, measurer and also beyond them.)

Venilal Khatri


One name among the 100 of names for Mahakali poetically described in scripter, but true in inner sense.

(43) Naramundasrajaa- (Symbolically associated with a necklace/garland of humans’ heads).-The severed heads are symbol of her devotees’ ego. They fully surrendered to Mother Kali. A grand form of Maha Kali is described in Yogavashistha. “Mountains, rivers, planets, stars are hanging on her neck, ears, waist and anklets. Past tense and its magnificent splendour have already gone into her mouth of fire.”

Such irreversible past is fact of life. In context of such knowledge(Gyan) that emerges out of this principle, if we ponder over it seriously, our sorrow, Moha, hatred, joules, anger and other negative forces those come out of life events, will become calm. Peace emerges. Oh! Where is space left for our large and small ego?”

Here SHE imparts final freedom /Mukti from births and deaths to devotees.

There is a Katha:- The Asura/Devil name by Rakta Bija was terrifying the world.

As soon as Maataji beheaded him, he became many folds alive out of his blood drops on ground. So, to save the divine entities, She held a Khapper in her hand, collected every drops of his blood and drank it with her long red tongue. Such is Her compassion to Devas.

Yes, It is symbolically true here as well with serious Bhaktas/ Devotees. Here Maa Mahakali does Kripa to Bhaktas who surrender and wish to come out from our grip of such multiplying negative forces of Avidya. They are evil tendencies in human mind as in event of Rakta Bija. SHE saves the devotees for sure from evils here in this world, as SHE sucked evils and evil forces there in our scripture to save Devaas.

There are many examples including one with great Sanskrit poet KALIDAS. He previously was very dull in wit/intelligence and upon Sadhanaa/Tapas of Mahaakaali he became Mahaa Kavi.


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