Teachings in Vedic Period

Upadesh (teaching) to Students in Vedic Period ( 4-5 thousand years ago)

When considering the relation between teachers and students, there seemed more harmonious relation between students and teachers in the vedic period. The education system was different to the present time. A child once was12 years old was sent to Gurukula (school), away from the family. The student stayed there in natural environment as member of big family of Gurukula, obtaining full education in many subjects including scripters and spirituality. All this happens under great guidance of the Gurus (teachers).

(Below are Veda Mantras, Injunction and Instruction of Vedas in Sanskrit with translation in English).

The following is precious and noble advise to students.


Important instructions are given from Guru to the Vedic student at end of the study at Gurukula. It is particularly for those students called prajapatya brahmacharin who return home to their family. (from: Taitariya Upanishad), Shiksha Valli, Anuvak-11)

Vedam anuchyacharyo antevasinam anushasti .

Satyam vada. Dharmam chara. Swadhyan ma pramadah. Acharyaaya priyam dhanmaahrutya prajaatantum maa vyavatchhetsihi. Satyaann pramaditavyam. Dharmaanna pramaditavyam. Kushaanna pramaditvyam. Bhootyai na pramaditavyam. Svyaadhyaay pravachanaabhyam na pramadoitavyam. Deva pitrukaaryaabhyaam

na pramditavyam. Maatrudevo bhav. Pitrudevo bhava. Atithi devo bhava. – 1 .

Having imparted the wisdom the teacher instructs the disciple:-

Speak out the truth. Practice righteousness. Do not neglect your self-study and teaching. Having brought to the teacher the wealth that is pleasing (to him), do not cut off the line of progeny. Let there be no neglect of Truth. Let there be no neglect of righteousness. Let there be no neglect of protecting yourself (kuwjlj- including health of body and mind). Let there be no neglect of prosperity. Let there be no neglect of duties to gods and ancestors. Treat mother, father, teacher and guest as equal to gods.

Yaanyavadyani karmaani. Taani sevitavyaani. No itaraani. Yaanyasmakam sucharitaani. Taani tvayopaasyaani. No itaraani. 2.

Ye ke chaasmachheyaa gavm so braahmanaha. Tesham tvayaasanena prashvasitavyam. Shraddhayaa deyam. Ashraddhyaa n

deyam. Shriyaa deyam. Hriyaa deyam, Bhiyaa deyam. Samvidaa deyam. 3.

Practice deeds that are only blameless and adopt good practices that there are among us (not others that are improper).

Those *brahmins(respectable) who are superior to us, should be comforted by you by offering a seat without prejudice. You are required to accept only essence of the truth. A gift is to be offered with full faith. It should never be offered without full faith. Offer gift according to your (financial) capacity. Gift should be offered with modesty. Gifts should be offered with awe. Gifts should be offered with sympathy.

Atha yadi te karmavichikitsaa vaa syaat . Ye tatra braahmanaahaa. Sammarshinah. Yuktaa aayuktaah . Alookshaa dharmakaamaah syuh.

Yathaa te tatra varteran. Tatha tatra vartethaah. 4.

Athaabhyaakhaateshu. Ye tatra braahmanaah sammarshinah . Yuktaa aayuktaah. Aalukshaa dharmakaammaah suhu. Yathaa te teshu vartethaaha 5

Esha aadeshah. Esha upadeshah. Eshaa vedopanishat. Etada anushaasanam. Evamupaasitavyam. Evmu caitadupaasyam 6.

Then, if there is any doubt in you regarding any deed or conduct then you should behave on such occasions as the Brahmins do, who are able deliberators, who are balanced, who need no direction from others, who are not harsh, and who love righteousness .

This is the injunction. This is the instruction. This is the secret wisdom of the Vedas. This is the behest. Thus, one should meditate. Thus, indeed one should meditate.

*Note : Brahmins=not as mere race, but quality or nature by Brahmin.

by Venilal

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