Space is called (**)Aakash in Sanskrit. Etymologically it means ‘that which gives room for everything to exist (Avakaash Dhaatru Aakash)The question:- “Where does space exist?”, may not be asked by modern physics, but metaphysics does.

(Note, to answer this very fine subject, it requires more than just light reading). The only possible Vedic answer is: It exists in the Knowledge (Gyaan) that, SPACE exists in the SELF. The Veda Mantra , ( Etasmaastdaatmana Aakash Sambhutah) or (Tasmaad Vaa Etasmaad Aatmana Sambhutah ), expresses “ Space came into existence out of the Self.” ..

From above, (Atma/Self), the very concept of space, the subtlest of matter, had sprung! In the context of whole creation, Space is the first projection from Atma/Self, and then it has connection with other 4 elements: air, fire, water & earth within the whole inter connected link.

Note:- Analysing  further the subject, space / Aakash. (**) in details:

Aakasha:- Space; “not-visible; inner-sky; sky; room; finest beyond our imagination.

Space (Aakasha =that give room to any or all possibility-as ‘to be or not to be”.) ; unlimited, endless= Ananta/ can be of any type

1) Physical aakaasha; space.  From minute atom and even inner structure of all atoms at anywhere,  mountains, stars and whole cosmos require room to exist !!! Oh!Unimaginable SPACE.
(2) Mental– manomayaa  aakaasha-; space. Our unlimited thought waves require space to exist so to work and communicate. !!!
(3) Intellectual=Buddhi/Vigyanamaya aakaasha;/ Chidaakash, space. The outcome of our intellectual concepts, principles and even laws of nature can not stand or exist without SPACE or enough place for those !!!
(4) Spiritual– Aadhyatmic Aakaasha,space. Even, numbers of very fine spiritual principles, scriptural statements to understand, divine expressions of great souls/realized Mahatmas, all these require SPACE to exist and to propagate in the world.

Note:- Please Keep in mind that there is no four separate spaces. Space is ONE without boundary or limit.  

So in essence or core principle is that, the Aakasha (not cloud) is endless, unbounded and all pervasive invisible existence. Upanishadas/Vedas equate this, nearer to Brahman/ –The Absolute. Vedantic Sadhakas/ students who have full certitude and experience (Anubhuti) of Self also applies this as an effective means to reach the Goal; it is so because students have full understanding of nature (Swarup) of the Space and Space is the projection of Atma/Self.

Such Saadhaka arises from within (SELF) and here, we may call as expanding towards “outward ”; he or she experiences the boundless Space emanating, projecting from Self/Atma just within split of a second. Such one will aware or realize of all pervasiveness of Self. Here we can only explain in limited words, those possible. Self {Saadhaka} becomes boundless Space as well all the rest five elements within this, inclusively. Yes, this is not in relative and transitory but in Aadhyatmic-Absolute term, spiritually > non-dual awareness. – Aparoxanubhuti. So, nothing is out but all are existed within Self already.

One Mahatma explained:- “The equipment of perception, emotions, and thoughts are only for removal of ignorance and not for the creation of the objects; meaning, sense-organs do not give “existence” to them; they already have “Existence/Sat”

( all time & space…NOW), since everything is always graced by All-pervading  PURE EXISTENCE. Vedas say “SAT-CHIT-ANAND.”

Saadhask just becomes aware of this “All pervading (Sarv Vyaapt) Pure Existence.

Here Gita says : Yah Aatmavat Pashyati Sa Pashyati.

Who sees all these as Self sees true.




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