A true event..

 A True Event:  “Do you know me”….

When uncle/mama of Nadi, Fiji was nearly in the last phase of his life-journey, my wife and I went to visit him. Mama remained sometimes conscious and more times unconscious in his bed. We were near to his bed and one elder gentleman, one of the best friends of Mama and was good companion in one sense, also came to visit Mama.

In the meantime, that gentleman said to Mama with  hope that he might be able to response and recognize his friend as people normally do in such circumstances.

“Do you recognize me?” said the friend  .. …. (there was no reply.)

“Do you recognize me?” said the friend again..….  (there was still no response)

With the third time attempt. ….Mama replies in very surprising manner.

Whoever you may be, what is that of use for me to know , “

In Gujarati >   Tame Koun Chho,  Ae  Jaanine Hun  Shun  Karoo ?

In Hindi     >   Aap Koun Ho, Usai Jaanke Mai  Kya  Karoo  ?

Upon speaking this, Mama remained silence again. As  I heard this sentence, it striked and touched in my heart. It is unforgettable. From my point of view, this great sayings (a great Vakya) is projected and expressed through  Mama with the instigation and wish of the Paramatma. Ishwara has many ways to convey the massage. Any serious thinker would realize that this is a great massage and final essence of our life.

Venilal A. Khatri.


Following quotation is from Chhandogya Upanishad of Sama Veda, Upadesha of Eternal Truth.  XVI , a similar situation is given.

Relatives stand around a dying man, each asking him, “Do you recognize me? ”

Father, explains to his son, Svetaketu:

Until his speech becomes merged in mind, mind in prane, praana in fire, and fire in the transcendental deity (parasyaam devataayam), he always recognizes them.


When his speech becomes merged in mind, mind in praana, praana in fire, and fire in the transcendental deity, he ceases to recognize them.

Mantra 2/15

“That Sat, is so subtle, is the Self of everything in all the worlds. That is the Real.

That is ATMA. That thou art. (Tat twamasi) You are That O Svetaketu.”

“Revered father, please teach me further.” said Svetaketu

“so be it, my dear”, said his father .                                                                                                  Mantra 3/15


Comment by a Swami Muni Narayan :-

Father continues: “Svetaketu, relatives standing around a dying sick man is a common sight. In order to check how conscious he is, they ask him, “Do you recognize me?” Being unable to respond means he is dead or in a sinking state.

Death simply means a distinct apparent form that emerged from one sat becoming remerging in the same sat

This merging process is represented here as the emerging process reversed.

Speech merging in mind, mind in prana, prana in fire, and fire in the original source, the transcendental deity or sat, similar to the concept of pratiprasava of the Yoga system. This is true with everyone, no matter whether the dying individual is a Gyani, an Agyani or even a tiny creature. 

Discrimination occurs to living individuals. Of all such discriminations, the best one is not, recognizing someone else as “ You are so and so,” but is discriminating oneself as “I am nothing but Brahman”. What the relatives ask him is “Do you recognize me?” Then at least the dying man, if conscious, must ask himself,

*“Do I recognize me?”  One’s identity with Brahman, in other words, is something to be attained while living as an individual. So such awareness attained after the dissolution of the individual person does not make any sense.

* (who am I ?)  “This awareness attained while living, on the other hand, makes life filled with the meaning content of Brahman. That becoming a Brahman-knower is to be achieved while living this world is a fact well acknowledged by all scriptures alike.

The Kena Upanishad, appended to the Samaveda like the Chhandogya, for example, declares:   “ If known here itself (oneself), then it indeed is the Real. If not known here itself (oneself), then it indeed is a great loss. The wise ones seeing the Real in all that has come into being here, immortal on going forward from the world.”   (2/5) Kena Upanishad

Atma is the subtlest Reality to be visualized by individuals as the substance that fills our being. Swetaketu, You are That ;  I am That.










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