(1)The chosen concept, thinking or ideas that make you weak and fearful to your mind should be abandoned and remove from your belief, even if they are popular in family, society or religion. …(Swami Vivekanand)

(2) Example,some people may be afraid of ghost-witch (Bhoot-Daakan). There is no concrete proof for it. And it may exist or not exist. Oh! Suppose it may exist, even though you rather believe that such entity/things do not exist at all, yes no existence of it at all. If you come to this courageous decision, you are saved from all unnecessary and useless thought-waves in your life. You become strong in respect of mind and intellect. You can tackle all your problems and progress in life. (Swamy Dayanand Saraswati)

(3) Hai! Arjun .. leave your inferior thoughts and weakness of your mood of heart and mind. Awake and stand up, and attain your goal. (Bhagwat Geeta)


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