Gita says :-” Sahajam karma kauteya sadoshmapi na tyajet

Sarvaarambhaa hi doshena dhumenaagnirivavrutaa “: (18/48)

“Arjuna, karma is natural to one’s traits/ deeds, even if they happen to be blameful, should not be given up. In fact, are clouded by some blemish, as is fire by smoke.”
So, no effort in this world can be entirely blameless; some defect is always present even as smoke always accompanies fire. This is true also dealing with any worldly subjects including scriptures and spirituality. Keeping in mind above, we should not neglect our valuable spiritual way of life.

Once, I came to India, a gentle speaking lady came to my house. She nicely explained her purpose and good cause for collecting  donation. She even showed me all proper photos and papers in this respect.  My inner heart was convinced with the cause, for I had atleast some nature of  Atmiyataa. (good feeling).

She expressed her target amount.  I did not know her personally, but I give her a reasonable amount–cash.

She took my name and address, and convinced me that she will send an official receipt soon.

However, I did not get any response. !!!!!

(2) In another incident, I donated money for a specific purpose, however, it was used for their different purpose.

Then I thought “ At least, they used it any way”.

(3) In another incident, I gave cash to a well reputable organization. I know it was really for a good cause and told them to please send me an official receipt by post.
Upon inquiry, they couldn’t find track if this, and so no receipt.

(4) Many years ago, I really had been cheated on an item.
I gave it for a  good purpose for use (borrow), but it was not returned.

(5) Number of times, I had experienced thefts in my business, some noticeable and some not.

There may have been more unfavourable such incidents that I experienced and I do not remember now. After some years,  I will forget even those that I  have mentioned above!!

One day, I was analysing these events. :- I found: what is there to be concerned about?

The Universal Mother, Maa Laxmiji, really and finally owns all these value-wealth.

She is true and whole owner in the universe. When and where such wealth should be placed and withdrawn for limited time, SHE decides. Why should I take note geeta scenewith negative questions for such matter to HER PLAN?.

I accomplished my duty, and will continue my duty in good faith with balanced mind as said in Gita, in respect of Karma Yoga.
Oh! I am still alright now as I was before even after my journey through such events. I do not feel dampen or reduced in my own existence. Isn’t it a great surprise !!
I remember a great spiritual saying that was expressed by Brahmalin Swamy Tilakji.
“Waves take me up there, I simply seems to be up there. Waves take me down, I seems at down. In both situations I know “I am that I am.” There is no keenness (zest) to reach up or fear to go down; for, I know that in any circumstances “I am that I am” –“I am that I am” –“I am that I am”.—- Swami Tilak”

Oh! Gita’s great advise! (Above sloka> 18/48.)

Things, financial value, memories, events those of good, bad and miserable that happened in past and will eventuate in future. All these would be forgotten, and gone, like ashes all will disappear to unknown…..How Wonderful !.


Foot note:- My above personal experience and outcome of its spiritual essence and to any Sadhaka/spiritual student should not be misunderstood that those Karmas of wrong doing against ethics and moralities are justified and acceptable. Principle of Karmas and it’s relative effects are paramount truth.

photos referenced from the website.: wallpapercave,

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