Satya – Eternal Truth

This article explains vedic mantras on Param Satya as follows –

This information elaborates on understanding of Satya/the Truth together with important Hindu katha so called “Satya Narayan Kathaa”. Satya Narayan Katha is occasionally performed by Hindus. It is good for vedic cultural and spiritual (Vaarso/Olakhan) recognition. Besides, it is necessary to know the inner truth said in Vedas.

(Many precise words of Sanskrit or derived from Sanskrit that are appropriate and better understood in original term rather than just translated in english. Therefore, here one may find words with Sanskrit pronunciation with english script within the – article of english version.# It is also advisable to read “Important Note” at the end of these mantras.)

There are 25 mantras as follows on Satya/Absolute Reality from Vedas. But I have mentioned only 1,2,3,6 & 9th mantras transcripted in English from Sanskrit, and rest are just english translations.


Vedic Mantras On Satya/Parmaatma. Vedic Satya Narayan Bhagwan (Katha…!)

Aum Satyam Param Dhimahi.

(This Gayatri Mantra is in the beginning of Sri. Bhagwatam by Maharshi Vyas.

Meaning:- Now we meditate on the Truth-supreme that is the form (Swarup) of Parmaatma.


Aum Satyam. -(The Truth)

Satyam is Parmatma, Iswar and Shri Satya-Narayan-Bhagwan”

( The following Mantra of Upanishad is an important pillar of this Vedic instruction here.)

Narayan is Eternal. Narayan is Brahmaa. Narayan is Shiva. Narayan is Indra. Narayan is Swarga/heaven, earth, time, (all) directions- up high, down, inner and outer side, whatever is in past and future. Narayan is all these. The undivided, far from nescience (agyan), eternal pure, inexplicable, divine, one and only, non-dual Narayan. This knowledge/ education (Upadesha) is of Veda. One who realize, merge in (becomes non dual) Vishnu, Vishnu—(all pervasive)

Mantra from:- Narayan Atharvashirsha Upanishad


Veda Mantras on Satya

(1) Sadev Saumya Idamagre Aasid ekam eva advitiyam Tadaixata, Bahu Syam Prajayeyeti.

Oh Soumya (disciple)! Verily, non other than SAT – the perennial existence – the Truth alone existed in the beginning, and nothing but the Truth. He wished truthfully(Satya Sankalp)– to be many fold. And He created this entire creation.

(2) Tadaatmaanam Svayamkuruita. Tasmaat Tat sukruta-muchyata Iti.

Now, having been concealed, He projected himself (as many). Therefore, is preciously called “very well created” in Sanskrit (sukrut), in Vedas .

Sukrut:- Bhagwat Geeta says, “ To do Karma/work skillfully, is YOGA”. This Sloka is equivalent to above Veda Manta that states, -Ishwer created/projected this world so skillfully/preciously that cannot be explain fully. Here, message is “we must try to do all our works skillfully and enthusiastically”. In beginning this principle was set, so it applies here as well for good result.

(3) So Kaamayat- Bahoo syaam Prajaayeyeti Sa Tapo Tapyata, Sa Tapastaptvaa Idam Sarva Srujat. Yadidam Kincha. Tat Srushtvaa Tadevaanupraavishat.

As He (The SAT) wished, “I become many and project myself”, leading to this entire creation. He did austerity (tapas). Than entered and penetrated in the whole creation through and through.

(Note:– We see a fundamental principle, in the beginning the Supreme creator has established that only through tapas/hard work the expected result can be achieved, so here in this world as well. This divine law still applies even now.)

(4) *Sarvtomukhah,

The very Lord (SAT), one without second became self-emerged (Swayambhu), and pervaded as all forms in all directions. (some-what like “I” emerge as many… without outside material in dream state !) Verily, He is the one who resided (as per Daivik Vidhan) in divine (Daivik) womb as well took divine birth or emerged through the womb (Hiranya Garbha) in the beginning, and would always emerge in future. He projected himself as every Lokas and resided directly in every entity facing himself towards all/ Sarwatomukhah. Therefore He exists even here, and right now in present.


This very Truth called Sat is nothing but the Self/Atma said in Vedas, and Atma is taint-less, pure, in the form of righteousness and satya sankalp- having divine wish of the Truth-absolute. It is worth knowing. One should find out with great zeal.

(Taintless- like the purity of Space/Akash cannot be dirty or destroy in the world.)

(6) Ekam Sat Vipraa Bahudhaa Vadanti .

The Truth (SAT) that called Brahman is one and only. The realized souls and knowledgeable seers express That in many ways.

Note:- According to scriptures, though seers realize the Absolute Truth (Param Satya) is unable to express as That is beyond measure. Therefore there are conceptual variation while seers try to explain in this relative world.


The Satyadeve’s vow(vrata-pratigna) is the truth, ever alert in the truth and exists in the form of the truth during past, present and future. He, the Supreme, is source (Yony) of the worldly truth, ever present in truth and is the truth of the truth that verified and recognized in this transactional world. The Satyadeve has two eyes. (1) One is called –Hrut- means unshakable and non perishable laws of nature that sustain and make move the whole creation and (2) the second is satya the Truth. ….Oh ! Satyaatmaa, Hai Prabhu ! I come to surrender myself, please protect me.


Only with the help of the Truth(SAT) air move in all direction and Sun shines in the sky. Upon “that” speech gains honor and support. Due to That each and every thing is sustained. Therefore knowledgeable person considers the Truth (SAT) as Supreme.

(9) “Satyam Hi Eva Brahma.” not Brahmaa)


(Note:-This is very important Brahma Vaakya. Vedantis honor this.). Meaning:

Truth is verily the Brahman. The Brahman is (1)The Truth/- Satya (2) Knowledge / Gyan and (3) Infinite (ananta). As said in Vedas.


Victory is identified to the truth(SAT) , and not to untruth. Upon the truth, path of Devayan is extended. Rushis gains their sadgati, having been fully contented (aaptakama) while walking on this path. In such a way they overcome ocean of death and attain paramadham. In other words they become immortal. The Truth means final goal which is one and only base and support of all.

(Note: It is appropriate to keep in mind that, even to justify one’s own statement of untruth, one has to propagate and emphasize his lies as ‘ yes, this is true’; and only then he becomes able to convince some one. In other words, untruth has to put on an artificial face of the truth to secure its ground. But this will stay for some times only. At the end, only the truth gains victory. It is also true that soliciting to gain sadgati of a human being, with the means of lies or unreal, never ever works. )


To a Gyani, a knower of the Self, Atma is realized having Truth (satya) and austerity (Tapa). The supreme knowledge is acquired through meditating on Brahman. The Self that is Brahman dwells in our hearts as light/knowledge (atma jyoti) in us. The Seers/rushis visualize the Self-divine as pure and serene.


There is no best Dharma besides the Truth(SAT), and no sin above untruth. Truth is in the form of Vedas and essence of all religion that is law of Dharma. Therefore the Truth never eliminates.


Truth(SATYA) is Brahman the God Supreme. He creates all these expansively. He sustains and protects all lokas (worlds). Human reaches in the haven or gain sadgati (liberation) upon practicing the Truth, which is the form of God.


Speak truth (SATYA)but with sweet expression and peaceful words. Speak truth but not harshly. And do not say untruth also that people like to here for mere enjoyment. This is Sanatan Drarma the eternal law.


If we weigh the truth/Sat on the scale, the truth exceed thousands Ashwa megha Yagna, (form of sacrifice).


Consider the truth(SAT) as truth that give happiness, peace and pure benefit -kalyan to all, and defined as untruth which is opposite to that.

(Note: to say truth is not enough. Sad- bhavna, affection, good thoughts and good deeds are also considered as path of truth that give sadgati.)


Where there is no attendance of any matured and aged person (and wise) the meeting is not considered as real meeting. The aged person who does not express his views according to the law of Dharma is not eligible as honorable person. There is no truth(SAT) where there is intention of fraud and cheating, and that is not Dharma.


(1)Cows (2)Braahmana the priest, (3) Veda,(4) Sati Stree -women, (5) Satyavadi Loko-truth full people, (6)Lobh Rahit Manushyo-people with no greed, and (7)Daanvir – generous donors. These seven are the strong pillar and sustainers of this sansar- earth.


Earth is based on the Truth(SAT). Sun shines and air moves due to the same; * so every thing is established in That. Example:- upon the stable cinema white-screen film of innumerable events is passing on .

(Note: Here truth means firm, perennial and law of nature called “hrut principle” in Vedas. Without that the entire creation one cannot stand on or exist even for a fraction of a second.)


The Truth(SAT) is ladder of Heaven. By that one gains Brahman and emancipation Moksha. Every thing is sustained by the Truth.


Knower of Dharma defines that, the Truth(SAT) and simplicity are paramount Dharma. Even though it is difficult to understand shashwat sanatan dharma, it is but established in the Truth .

(22) Aum Tat Sat – Verily the Sat is Aum. The same is Tat called Atma or Parmatma who is our final destination expressed in Vedas and Upanishadas. In essence, (1) Sat, (2) final goal Tat and (3) Pranavarth Aum are one and the same. They are not different.


(So the Truth is Dharma, and is mahadev or Ishwara (God) who governs the whole creation. The same is the absolute truth /satya which is ever in Self, the source of entire creation and final destination of all. (Shivashch Naaraayanah)-Upanishad.

He is our refuge – ashraya/ayan- sthan; therefore is called shree Bhagwan Satya Narayan. He pervades and resides in and through every atom/anu so is called Shree Vishnu. Thus Satya/Truth is verily Shreeman Narayan.)

Oh! Prabhu, your glory is beyond our imagination. We all come to surrender with our heart. Please favor us, grant us kripa, protect us from all evils and give whatever good and beneficial –kalyankari for us. Jai ho to you, jai ho to you (salutations).


Oh ! Agni dev, Oh! Dip devta,– lord of light Oh! Vratapati, I will walk on the path of truth(SAT). May I be able to practice on it . May my wish and the vrat-vow succeed and be fulfilled. May I abandon untruth, and accept and follow the truth.


May I walk on the path of immortal Truth(SAT), leaving behind mortal untruth.

(25) Aum Asatomaa Sat Gamaya. Tamaso Maa Jyotir Gamaya. Mrutyormaa Amrutam Gamaya.

Aum Shantihi Shantihi Shantihi.

Hai Prabhu ! lead me towards the Truth(SAT) from untruth. Take me from darkness of ignorance to the light of Knowledge, and from mortal life to immortality. Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih.

Narayan is the Supreme Reality designated as Brahman. Narayan is the highest (SELF).

Narayan is the supreme Light (described in the Upanishadas). Narayan is the most excellent meditator and meditation.

THAT (Narayana) is Brahmaa, THAT is Shiva, THAT is Hari, THAT is Indra, THAT is Akshara, THAT is Param, THAT is Swarat. (From Narayan Sukta.)

Aum Shree Satya Narayanaya Namah

Note:- Here “Sat”, “Satya” is verily the AUM, and same called “Sat Chit Anand” Brahman/Atma= Parmatma all pervading. There is no difference.

Aum Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnaat Purnam Udachyate / Purnasya Purnamadaaya

Purnamevaa Vashishyate. Aum Shantihi Shantihi Shantihi.

(Article continues after image)

# ————————————————————————————————– Important Note:– Among Hindus Sri Satya Narayan Katha is used to perform and read with full shradha. There our priest explains the events from our Puranic scripture. We listen to the Katha (narrative) of a Brahmin, a King, a Businessman and (woodcutter) Lakadhara with full faith and do puja-prarthana of Sri Bhagwan Satya Narayana. To perform this traditional KATHA-PUJA is necessary at our home. Yes, it is fruitful and keeps alive our Sanskruti/culture for our benefit.

During this occasion the said Katha and Sri Vishnu Sahastranam are also being read. You would have noticed that there is not much emphasis about Satya which is the form of Bhagwan Satya Narayan. In fact, this is a very important factor that explained in Vedas and Upanishadas. This is the root of all knowledge and certainly of Hinduism. The above selected Mantas are in the context of the perennial Truth. These had been visualized by great seers/rushis of the said pavitra scriptures from Vedas, Upanishads and Srimad Bhagwat.


Note: Depending on the time allocated for Katha and Puja, following is optional:

The above 25 Mantras may be recited after initial puja and just before the actual Katha starts. It would not only be beneficial to us spiritually, but also our quality of life in every respect would be improved upon trying to walk on the path of universal Truth, while dealing with this transactional world/ (vyavahaaric jagat). Satya Narayan Bhagwan would protect us.

It is true that prior to happening of any events (katha prasang) there is always pre-existed principle of eternal existence /Sat (like varieties of ornaments are originated or based on existence of gold, or pottery on existence of clay). Therefore it is also true with Katha of scriptures that enlightens our heart and intellect with devotion /Bhakti or knowledge is based on the original Truth. In view of knowledge and science, we find the same perennial Truth or basic reality that projects or emerges as all these things and events. All these are projected only upon the waft and woof or texture of time, space and relativity. This is among the first principles of creation. So both (1) basic principle the Satyam and (2) existence of events of past presents and future are sustained by the SAT – have its value and importance in Satya Narayan Katha.

Giving an example, event of falling an apple from a tree in that particular time/space, became cause to find out a formless and everlasting principle of “law of gravity” which is still valid. Off course, both have their own true value.

The author has revealed above Mantras of Vedas that are eternal, pure and beneficial to all. 25 Mantras given here may be read only as translation or together with Sansktit Mantras with faith.

In addition, a grief of Bhagwan Vyasaji in Mahabharat says:-

I raise my hands repeatedly, proclaim loudly and loudly, “By the means of Dharma only, Artha and Kaam (true meaning and work) are achievable so why don’t you make use of Dharma? Oh! (It is surprising and matter of grief that) no body is hearing to this (valued) advise.

It is acknowledged that Vyasji had number of great students. He arranged our complex Vedas in four parts systematically and wrote Mahabharat- the great epic,18 Puranas, Brahma Sutra, commented on Yoga Sutra and moreover worked greatly and unimaginably for benefit of us. Therefore he is called Vyas Vishal -(great) in Sanskrit. He has a very important part in strengthening the vedic culture and its values for all the future to come.

Venilal Khatri


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